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#copper #copperware #solidcopper #handmade #barware #coppershaker #pro #proffesional #handmade #probarware #silver #998silver #soy #soycopperware #shaker #proshaker #luxury #premium
#copper #copperware #solidcopper #handmade #barware #coppershaker #pro #proffesional #handmade #probarware #silver #998silver #soy #soycopperware #shaker #proshaker #luxury #premium

"Şâkir" - the Istanbul Shaker

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Hail all Soy users!


It has been some years we have been working on our Barware catalog, many of you have followed our prototypes, being more and more perfect as the time went by, and we finally have proudly introduced the SKR-Class Istanbul Shakers, dubbed the "Şakir".


From the extensive research that we have done, we do not think that ANY shaker comes close in quality and build, except the same shaker, if made from Pure Solid Silver, therefore surpassing this item in conductivity


We call it "Istanbul" shaker because as the City of Istanbul that spans on two different continents, the Şakir is constructed from two different metals, Silver and Copper, giving it a two-tone appearance and a two colour hue that will take a patina differently as time goes on.


Entirely handmade by spinning and hammering massive 1.5mm Pure Copper -yet ensuring perfect vacuum- and plated in thick 50μ of pure silver on the inside and on both sides of the head module, this shaker has namely two VERY important advantages over its stainless steel counterparts:


1- Its construction from thick copper and silver ensure that the drink is cooled not only from the ice used to shake it but also from the metal walls of the shaker, and this in a matter of milliseconds after you start shaking, finishing your coctail 2-3 times faster than a conventional shaker.


2- The sheer weight of the product, as it is manufactured from 1.5mm copper instead of 1mm steel, gives you an ultimate control over your shaking, letting the container direct the move and not the liquid inside it.


3- Most important of all, the fact that the product has walls from Silver, makes any kind of Dry and Reverse-Dry Shaking processes obsolete, as Silver will react with the protein chains and foam-up the cocktail right away, whether it contains ice or not, and this, in a matter of mere seconds.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The volumes shown here are only the useful capacities, the real volumes account for 40% more than what is indicated.

-Experts do not recommend to fill over the useful capacities of the shakers-


-If you want a custom name engraving (by hand, not exceeding 20 characters),  please add 'Engraving' item to your cart.

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Daniel S.
United States

Beautiful craftsmanship. An absolutely top shelf product.

Thank you so much! I will be purchasing more in the days ahead.

Anthony D.
Australia Australia

Best shaker

Quick to mix and such a beautiful presentation. This has lifted my bar skills greatly - Tony.

Will B.
United States United States

Love this thing.

I'm a cocktail bartender by trade but this one is for my home bar. I've had the 55cl shaker for a couple of years now and it's really something. It feels so solid in the hands and chills drinks like no other. It can sometimes be difficult to crack the seal on the lid and given the delicate nature of the silver plating you don't want to be rough with it but if you carefully wiggle the lid it will come off. Finally starting to see the inevitable copper showing through the plating after plenty of use but I don't think I'm at the point of needing it relined yet. Very durable and satisfying product. I'd love to try the Izmit shaker someday since I use a two tin system at work. I'm curious how good the seal is and how quickly the silver plating will wear at the points of contact. Maybe that's why they offer the Izmit in solid silver? Wonder how much that will cost you.


Soy Türkiye

Hello Will, We want to remind you that all customer service at Soy, including repairs and replating service are free of charge. Feel free to drop us an email whenever you need it, we are at your disposal. Yours, The Soy Team

Darius A.
United States United States

THE Shaker.

I own 2 Soy shakers (one 33cl and one 55) that were gifted to me last year, as I am a home bartender and a mixology nut. You can't even understand the difference until you start using it, as it is tremendous! I do not ever need to do a dry-shake since I am using Soy, and for the ones who know about bartending, that means a lot of time saved! I'm eyeing all the other Soy bar products now!