DT Series Dizi Pot
DT Series Dizi Pot
DT Series Dizi Pot

DT Series Dizi Pot

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Dear Soy family, please welcome the latest addition to the Soy Specialty Cookware series; the Soy DT-class Dizi pot.
The “Dîzî”, Âbguşt, also called “Piti” is one a very intricate dish enjoyed in Iran, the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Eastern parts of Armenia and Turkey, that involves a whole set of rituals for cooking, serving and eating.
The dizi pots, filled with lamb, tail fat, chickpeas and spices are laid by seemingly infinite rows on a special charcoal mangal, and are to be left overnight for simmering on the embers.
The next day, usually for a hearty breakfast, each patron is served their own dizi pot, with flatbread, a bowl and a meat pestle, along with some refreshing greens.
One is first expected to tear the flatbread into the bowl, to then cover it with the broth of the dish. That is the first course.
In the second course, the patrons have to use the meat pestle to gently pound the meat and chickpeas into a homogenous mash, that is then to be eaten spread on the flatbread, again.
At Soy, we manufacture 3 sizes of Dizi pots, with respective diameters of 9, 10 and 11cms, the classics being the DT9 and DT10, while the DT11 is reserved for a double serving. We highly recommend that you order them in groups of the same size (i.e. 4x DT10) as each is used for an individual serving.
Each DT pot comes with a hand-spun extra hard Turkish boxwood meat pestle, that you will need for the second stage of your meal.
Nuş olsun!
DT9: 9 x 13cm
DT10: 10 x 14.5cm
DT11: 11 x 16cm