GC- Sterling Silver Coffee Pot

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GC- Sterling Silver Coffee Pot Series

Soy's most exclusive series, the Sterling Silver Coffeeware series

Soy Cezve is a must for someone who wants to drink Turkish coffee with pleasure. Our coffee pots, like all our products, are completely handmade and 1.5 mm 999 sterling silver is used.

Since silver is the best conductive metal in the universe, it gives you a unique coffee experience.

GC1 usable capacity: 85ml

This size is for single use, ideal for professionals using 85ml (industry standard) cups

GC2 Usable capacity: 140ml

This size is for 2 people according to Turkish standards. Considering the cup sizes outside Türkiye, it may be more suitable for single-cup use.

GC3 usable capacity: 225ml

This size is for 3 people according to Turkish standards. Cups outside Türkiye may be larger.

GC4 Usable capacity: 440ml

This size is for 4 people according to Turkish standards. Cups outside Türkiye may be larger.

Silver Body:

It is produced entirely by hand upon order and is obtained from pure silver bullion. It is processed by us and turned into 1.5 mm silver sheets. The shape of the ceiling is beaten with a mallet and hammer until it reaches the ideal shape.

** please watch the video below to see all stages of production


  • Our silver is Pure (999‰) and NOT 925‰ sterling (Sterling), which is an alloy of silver with other metals. Difficulties caused by other impure silver alloys are not experienced in these products.

  • Each product is sent with a silver analysis certificate _

  • In addition to being essentially a professional coffee pot, this series can also be considered as an investment tool because it is made of silver, and can be melted and sold when desired.

  • Even though the product has a jewel-like appearance, no wear or defects occur even with intensive use.


  • Made from our own patented bronze alloy, they have superior insulating quality and the handle can be held even when the pan is over a hot flame.

  • In order to obtain the pinkish tone that is unique to us in the industry, it is placed in a 15µ copper bath.


  • Manuscripts made using diamonds are free of charge for all our customers who purchase sterling silver products. Please contact us for information.


  • Shipped with a matching soft (semi-hard) buffalo leather Case _

Guarantee :

  • Our lifetime "SHEERAGE" warranty is for non-professional use only. Please review the conditions on our website.

**To benefit from the warranty terms, register your product on our website.


  • Our shipping service is free for this series.

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Do not use metal utensils or scratch your Soy as this will remove the coating.

Hand wash your Soy and do not put it in the dishwasher.

Use mild dishwashing detergent and do not use the metal sponge or the green side of the sponge.

Do not use the products in the microwave, after all, copper and silver are metals!


Given the nature of the metal, both copper and silver will change color and darken with use and when in contact with air, water, and acidic compounds.

This is completely normal and does not affect the cooking properties.

It is still safe to use and there are no health risks.

If you want to return them to their original state, rub your Soy with a lemon cut in half and top with table salt or baking soda.

Rinse with warm water, pat dry and voila!

As with cast iron pans, a light coating of oil before storage will protect it over time.

This method works on both copper and silver.

You can also clean products with ash (cigarette ash, fireplace ash, etc.).

You can also always use food-grade silver polish.

We recommend brands like Hagerty or Goddard's.

Please watch our video on how to clean your Soy products: