NS Series Cooking & Serving Pan / Plate / Sahan

NS Series Cooking & Serving Pan / Plate / Sahan

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These state of the art 100% handmade and very versatile Soy NS Series Copper Sahans for cooking and serving are more than ideal for gently frying your eggs with sucuk, kavurma, pastırma or bacon prior to serving them directly on the table, or any breakfast or side dish that needs a more than spectacular presentation following the perfect cooking.

They are a most important component of the traditional Turkish breakfast, and also are prominently used in the cuisines of all neighbours of Turkey for the same reasons.

Any household will have a few of these, and, as they are also oven going, they will also make great personal-sized roasting pans.



All hammering is entirely done by hand, no press or even spinning is involved.


Handles are wax-cast bronze with perfect finishes.


Thickness: 2 milimeters


You have the choice for one of the two linings:


Tin Lining: Hand-Lined, lasts more than a few years, free lining offered yearly for lifetime if shipped back to the production facility. See warranty details with the actual product.


Silver plating: 15 microns -goes for a lifetime - free replating if worn out, see warranty conditions-


-If you want a custom name engraving (by hand, not exceeding 20 characters),  please add 'Engraving' item to your cart.



Lifetime "Heritage" warranty for non-professional use, please see conditions on our website.