YST Series Saucepan
YST Series Saucepan
YST Series Saucepan
YST Series Saucepan
YST Series Saucepan
YST Series Saucepan
YST Series Saucepan

YST Series Saucepan

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The Soy YST-Class Saucepans -100% handmade- are, if not anything, the pride of the Turkish Coppersm ithing Craftsmanship, and a must in every Chef's kitchen.


They are the ideal tool for making sauces and also sautéing your dishes, while also excelling at medium frying or making rice. They will easily last for a few lifetimes, if taken good care of.


They are the best Saucepans in the World, as we know it. Their solid copper mass and silver lining are perfect heat conductors that will give you an ultimate control on your cooking.


They are as good for the professional as well as the enthusiast.


All work is entirely done by cold-forging, either by hand hammering or hand-spinning. No press or even machine hammering is involved.


The current Soy Handles are of our own patented alloy of Sand-Cast Solid Bronze, painstakingly filed by hand by our artisans that come from Jeweler backgrounds, and will basically last a lifetime.

They are mounted on the main body with 5-8 rivets each made of Solid White Copper and are extremely sturdy, yet easily removable by us if maintenance is needed.


The alloy of bronze we use (the Soyactite) is developed in-house in 2012, and is highly unlike our Western-European counterparts, who mostly use a very conductive alloy of brass or aluminum bronze, ours remains a very hard and refractory alloy, that has 5 x the performance of cast iron.


Also owing to its patented trident design, the handle heats up pretty slowly, even slower than cast-iron equipped French or Belgian pans. Under industrial fire, it takes 5 to 6 times to heat up until uncomfortably hot when compared side by side with a French competitor product of the same bulk.


The YST12-16-20 come equipped with a single long handle, while the larger YST24 are equipped with two handles, one long and one short, at each edge (see pictures).


Each professional item we craft also comes with a laser or hand engraved serial number, we will know, even in the far future when the product was crafted, and to whom it was sold, as we follow every single product on our corporate software.




The YST8 is a "mini" product that is for table service and individual cooking - its real diameter is 7cm




-1.5  millimeters for the YST8

-2.0 millimeters for the YST12

-2.5 millimeters for the YST16, YST20 and YST24


Useful Capacities and App. Weight:


YST8:  0.35l    - 0.60kgs

YST10:  0.5l    - 0.80kgs

YST12:  0.7l    - 1.00kgs

YST16:  1.5l    - 1.75kgs

YST20:  3.5l  - 2.50kgs

YST24:  5.5l   - 3.10kgs



You have the choice for one of the two linings:


Tin Lining: Hand-Lined, lasts more than a few years, free lining offered yearly for lifetime if shipped back to the production facility. See warranty details with the actual product.


Silver plating: 50 microns -goes for a lifetime - free replating if worn out, see warranty conditions-


Lifetime "Heritage" warranty for non-professional use, please see conditions on our website.


Please make sure to register the product's serial number on our website (www.soy.com.tr) as soon as you get it in order to benefit from the  warranty & free yearly maintenance.



**OPTIONAL ON SHIPPING** The product may be shipped inside a special custom-made export-class plywood crate and will receive a tracking number for you to follow, like all our products. DO NOT throw the box and your invoice away, as it will be easier to ship the product for the scheduled maintenance, when (and IF) needed.


-If you want a custom name engraving (by hand, not exceeding 20 characters),  please add 'Engraving' item to your cart.


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Jim S.
United States United States

Beautiful sauce pan

This saucepan offers excellent temperature control while also serving as a work of art. I am wholly impressed. It is nice enough to be a family heirloom.

Vasundhara K.
Australia Australia


As above these pots are beautiful to look at amazing to cook in!Thank you Soy!

Ian M.
Australia Australia

Functional Art

I love this. From an aesthetic perspective it is beautiful. From a functional perspective it works brilliantly. Everything I have cooked in this has been delicious. Poached an egg tp perfection :) It is a beautifully crafted piece. Proud to own.

Timothy S.
United States United States

Sheer Perfection

It is a thermal delight, holding temperatures just where I want them. The saucepan is a work of art! Thank you Soy!

Cezar N.
Austria Austria

Wonderful craftsmanship

looks and feels great!