"Mazlum" - the Barrel Mule
"Mazlum" - the Barrel Mule
"Mazlum" - the Barrel Mule

"Mazlum" - the Barrel Mule

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Cocktails with three ingredients have always been very special, yet there is one whose glass is as iconic as its taste - you are right; the Moscow Mule!

The refreshing flavor of the Moscow Mule and the coolness of the Copper, is a match made in heaven.

Nothing compares to the feeling of the ice-cold temperature of the cocktail in your hands as in your palate.


While we were designing this beauty we did not only think about visuality but also the health concerns.

Since the acidity of the Moscow Mule (and similar cocktails) is remarkably high, there is a tiny risk of acute poisoning due to the reaction of acids and copper oxide, hence the pure and thick silver-lining in our “Mazlum” guaranteeing zero chances of poisoning. – Please consult the very well curated  https://www.cocktailsafe.org/ page for more info on that matter.


The name itself in Turkish is an inside joke at our manufacturing process, as it has been both “choked” and “beaten” (ie: hammer hardened) we called him “Mazlum” literally meaning “the mistreated” in Turkish.


But that “mistreatment” is not without reasons; as because of the fine hand hammering the Mazlum receives, it work-hardens to 370% of the original hardness and will never ever dent or bend during home or commercial use, unlike ANY other Copper Mule on the market.


Finally, the Moscow Mule is not only option for Mazlum, give it a try with your next Kölsch Beer or with a Mojito; and may there be something missing in your life, just pour some Ayran in it and you’ll certainly understand why life is so worth living.

Soy ML-Class Barrel Mule from a one-piece solid 1.5mm copper sheet, hammered to perfection, available in 33cl and 55cl.

Only available in silver plating.

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A Soy Türkiye Customer
James M.
United States United States
A Frigid Work of Art

For me, the measure of a Mule is how cold it is in your hand. The thermal conductivity of copper and silver combined with the heavy gage make for a fantastic drinking experience - the coldest Mule drink I have ever held and I'm looking forward to using it on hot summer days. This is a work of art that I know will last a lifetime and then some.

Marc B.
United States United States
Exquisite Craftsmanship

I made this purchase after watching Alex the French Guy (YouTube Cooking) and decided to purchase a trial piece as I am in the market for a larger sauce or rondeaux. I am very pleased with the quality and weight / sturdiness of this mule that i will be purchasing a rondeaux in the near future

Paul R.
Moscow Barrel Mule

Forget the errant star rating on my earlier review - MUST be 5 stars, NOT 1!!! Exquisite and brilliantly crafted Without equal in a market of mules Accept no substitutes This hand hammered mule is head and shoulders above any other Was absolutely blown away when I opened the package Exceeded my expectations - superb!!

Soy Türkiye

Thank you Paul! Enjoy your Soy products all life long! Yours, The Soy Team