'Şâkire' - the Izmit Shaker
'Şâkire' - the Izmit Shaker
'Şâkire' - the Izmit Shaker
'Şâkire' - the Izmit Shaker

'Şâkire' - the Izmit Shaker

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Our latest but obviously not least barware product is the prodigious “Şakire” Izmit-class shaker.


Performing very similarly to her elder brother the “Şakir” yet with a very visible twist in ergonomy and aesthetic.


We call it the Izmit-class shaker since the rather short distance (more or less an hour) between Istanbul, our city and Izmit the next major city Eastbound, yet with a completely different vibe and culture.


Since the increased air capacity and larger silver contact area of the “Şakire” it will perform a slightly better job with cocktails that contain heavy creams, egg whites, aquafaba etc.


We believe that if this shaker had been released back in the 1880’s, we would probably have been a God figure among the famous New Orleans shaker boys.


Just try this beauty with your next Whisky Sour and see for yourself the perfect foamy head (bad news for our clients with a thick mustache, but then, there is a product called a “mustache guard”).


Entirely handmade by spinning and hammering massive 1.5mm Pure Copper -yet ensuring perfect vacuum- and plated in thick 50μ of pure silver on the inside and on both sides of the small module, this shaker has namely two VERY important advantages over its stainless steel counterparts:


1- Its solid construction from thick copper and silver ensure that the drink is cooled not only from the ice used to shake it but also from the metal walls of the shaker, and this in a matter of milliseconds after you start shaking, finishing your cocktail 2-3 times faster than any conventional shaker.


2- The sheer weight of the product, as it is manufactured from 1.5mm copper instead of 1mm steel, gives you an ultimate control over your shaking, letting the container direct the move and not the liquid inside it.


3- Most important of all, the fact that the product has walls from Silver, makes any kind of Dry and Reverse-Dry Shaking processes obsolete, as Silver will react with the protein chains and foam-up the cocktail right away, whether it contains ice or not, and this, in a matter of mere seconds.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The volumes shown here are only the useful capacities, the real volumes account for 40% more than what is indicated.

-Experts do not recommend to fill over the useful capacities of the shakers-


-If you want a custom name engraving (by hand, not exceeding 20 characters),  please add 'Engraving' item to your cart.


FINAL NOTE: The “Şakire” Izmit Shaker can be made from Pure 999 Carat Solid Silver, please inquire for a quote.