"Karman" the Mixing Tin
"Karman" the Mixing Tin
"Karman" the Mixing Tin

"Karman" the Mixing Tin

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Soy Karman Professional Copper Mixing Tin

A mixing tin, for many is a better alternative than a mixing glass, as, since made entirely by hand from Solid Copper and Silver, will never break and looks amazing.


But the definitive advantage of the Karman Copper / Silver Mixing Tin is that it reaches the ideal -2°C more than 1 minutes and 50 seconds faster than a glass / crystal counterpart.

These numbers are the results of controlled-environment testings by the prestigious Mixology Blog LeLabbo, in 2020.


Thickness: 1.5mm

Inner Diameter: 9cm

Product height: 13.5cm

Approximat Capacity: 72.5cl

-If you want a custom name engraving (by hand, not exceeding 20 character),  please add 'Engraving' item to your cart.


Lifetime "Heritage" warranty for non-professional use, please see conditions on our website.