Soy Barware Series

Hail all Soy users!

It has been some years since we have been working on our Barware catalogue, many of you have followed our prototypes, becoming more and more perfect as time went by, and we finally have proudly introduced the full series by 2018.

From the extensive research that we have done, we do not think that ANY bar equipment comes close in quality and build, except our very ones, if made from Pure Solid Silver, surpassing them items in conductivity.

Since we first started our barware project, we have always aimed to offer nothing but perfection for the professionals who will be meticulously measuring every single drop to achieve greatness.

Everyone can easily understand the conductivity of the Soy products but what makes Barware products even better is you can actually feel it!

There is nothing in the world like touching a cold and chilled Soy Barrel Mule or Soy Julep cup on a warm Summer evening.

For those out there, who like enjoying life in a fancy way,

For those who are perfectionists in every moment of their life,

For those who find shaking… *sexy*

Behold Soy’s Barware Collection!

  • The "Şâkir" the Istanbul Shaker
  • "Lêylâ" the Shot Glasses
  • "Mazlûm" the Barrel Glass
  • "Keyfiyet" the Ehlikeyif for Rakı/Arak/Ouzo
  • "Jülide" the Julep Cup
  • "Janset" the Julep Strainer
  • "Taşıyan" the Service Tray
  • "Mest'' the Mini EST Shot Glass
  • "Şâkire'' the Izmit Shaker
  • "MestKal'' the Mezcal Glass
  • "Şâkirt" the Çanakkale Shaker