Soy Specialty Cookware

Specially made copper pans, pots and cauldrons still are and will be the sine qua non for many of the most remarkable dishes of the Traditional Turkish Cuisine such as the “Kavurma”, the “Perde Pilavı”, the “Sahanda Yumurta”, the “Menemen”, the “Muhlama / Kuymak” the “Tas Kebabı” or the “Kuru Fasülye”.

When we decided to explore the wider world of traditional gastronomy, we saw that just like in our home Turkey, many places around the world have some very specific copper cookware designed for their own traditional dishes.

Hence we, at Soy, have undertaken the enterprise to perfectly recreate these region-specific speciality copperwares from all around the globe.

Note: As our research and development goes on, our Specialty Cookware Collection will continue to expand with time, please check often!

Our current collection includes:

  • Soy YKS Rounded Lidded Sahans
  • Soy TK Tas for Tas Kebabı
  • Soy BBT Fish Kettles
  • Soy NS Cooking and Serving Pans/Sahans
  • Soy OCT Flipping and Crêpe Pans
  • Soy MT Mussel Steaming Pots
  • Soy YHT Deep Baking Pans
  • Soy AHT Baking Pans