SOY Coffeeware

For anyone really wanting to enjoy Turkish Coffee, a Soy Cezve is the must. Our Cezves, like all our copper range, is entirely handmade from 1.5mm copper, plated on request either with silver, or with tin.


Our Professional Cezves are used on a daily basis at work by many professional Baristas, including Vadim Granovskiy (Ukraine), Zoltán Kis (Hungary, Cezve / İbrik World Champion 2012) and of course Turgay Yıldızlı (Turkey, Cezve / İbrik World Champion 2013). As our references will gladly tell you, they are truly the best in the World, and remain unmatched to this day for the purest Coffee experience.


They were featured more than once in many international Coffee-Based publications, such as "Sprudge" and "The Brownbook."


This size is actually a triple serving one according to the Turkish standards, but bear in mind that outside Mainland Turkey, Turkish Coffee cups are a little bit bigger.



C1 Useful capacity: 85ml

C2 Useful capacity: 140ml

C3 Useful capacity: 225ml

C4 Useful capacity: 440ml



Handles are of cast solid bronze and will basically last a lifetime.


-Last but not least, please see a video on "How to make the Perfect Turkish Coffee" with Soy products hereunder:


-Please be sure to enjoy Tugay's Performance on the 2013 World Cezve / İbrik Championship, awarding him the title of *World Champion* here: