EST Series  Pro Heavy-Duty Stockpots
EST Series  Pro Heavy-Duty Stockpots
EST Series  Pro Heavy-Duty Stockpots
EST Series  Pro Heavy-Duty Stockpots
EST Series  Pro Heavy-Duty Stockpots
EST Series  Pro Heavy-Duty Stockpots

EST Series Pro Heavy-Duty Stockpots

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The Soy EST Series Stockpots are a class of products we could easily call "the Mothership";

Massive and beautiful, reflecting our passion at every hit of the hammer, from thick 2.5mm Solid Copper to ensure even heat distribution, finely hammered until the smallest edge, giving the product extreme hardness, with no dead angles thanks to round corners.

This Flagship product will literally dominate your kitchen and make all your chef colleagues pale from envy, especially when your stock will only take minutes to boil in this masterpiece.


The bigger sizes are as good for the professional while the first two are more or less home-sized, for the enthusiasts among us.


The product is ENTIRELY cold-forged by hand from a 2mm or 2.5mm solid copper sheet, and has no weldings or dead-corners, unlike its French, Italian or Belgian counterparts. NO machines are involved in the process.


The current Soy Handles are of our own patented Sand-Cast Solid Bronze, painstakingly filed by hand by our artisans that come from Jeweler backgrounds, and will basically last a lifetime.

They are mounted on the main body with 6 rivets each made of Solid White Copper and are extremely sturdy, but easily removable by us if maintenance is needed.

The alloy of bronze we use (the Soyactite) was developed in-house in 2012, is highly unlike our Western-European counterparts, who mostly use a very conductive alloy of brass or aluminium bronze whereas ours remains a very hard and refractory alloy, that has 5 x the performance of cast iron.


Tin Lining: Hand-Lined, lasts more than a few years, free lining offered yearly for lifetime if shipped back to the production facility. See warranty details with the actual product.


As is lined by hand, since the size and bulk of the product the tin coating can last a lifetime, if properly taken care of. Free retinning service offered for a lifetime, please see the conditions.




-2.0 millimeters for the EST20

-2.5 millimeters for the EST25, EST30, EST35 and EST40



Useful Capacities and App. Weight:


EST20:   6l - 2.90kgs

EST25:  12l - 4.45kgs

EST30: 20l - 6.00kgs

EST35: 33l - 8.50kgs

EST40: 50l - 11.00kgs




NOTE: Optional handmade bronze soup faucet available for easy unloading - 150$ extra, please inquire as "custom item".



Last but not least, a 15 micron 998 carat Silver Plating is also available instead of the Tin-Lining. The price difference will vary according to the weekly Silver market price, so again, please inquire if interested.


-If you want a custom name engraving (by hand, not exceeding 20 character),  please add 'Engraving' item to your cart.